Are Federal Rent Checks A Real Thing?

Federal Rent Checks are nothing but a fanciful term of selling hopes and dreams. The checks that they mean are actually the dividends that you can earn by investing in the Real Estate Investment Trusts or REIT.

In order to invest in REIT through this company, you need to subscribe to their newsletter that lists the real estate trusts in which you can invest. Various blogs (see https://nobsimreviews.com/federal-rent-checks) have already shared opinions that Federal Rent Checks and other programs from Money Map Press are essentially just sales letters to sell you a subscription to a newsletter.

The real estate that the Federal Rent Checks refer to is such a piece of land or building that the government has rented from the owners for its own use.

The government pays rent for the property. By investing in the property, you can earn a dividend from the profit made by the property or trust in which you have invested.

And, that’s exactly what Federal Rent Checks refer to. It’s certainly not a check that rolls in on its own every month.

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Creator of the Product

According to their website, Money Map Press is led by CEO Mike Ward (see his Linkedin here) and the investment agency provides financial advice to investors who subscriber their services. However, according to the video released by Money Map Press through which Federal Rent Checks program has been introduced, it is D.R. Barton who has brought in the Federal Rent Checks program.

Both the video and the company maintain that Mr. D.R. Barton has been a best-selling author and is currently a financial advisor to Money Map Press.

They also claim that he regularly appears on leading business television channels such as Fox Business and CNBC. Money Map Press offers an array of products for investors to find solutions and fresh opportunities. In particular, they have a portfolio of newsletters on platforms ranging from cryptocurrencies to REITs. The company has mixed reviews about its work but its generally positive.

How does the Product Work?

Money Map Press and Mr. D.R. Barton are selling dreams in a fanciful language. Federal Rent Checks is just the dividend you are going to earn on being a shareholder in REITs.

Wondering what a REIT is? See fool.com’s explanation of a Reit.

Remember, it’s an investment agency; it is their product to tell you the ways in which you can invest your money through different plans.

The video that Mr. D.R. Barton presents would want us to believe that it just takes signing up the Money Map Press newsletter to start receiving the checks. But the fact is that after receiving the list by paying a fee, you have to invest in the companies in the list to earn a dividend.

Can you really make money?

There is a risk like in most stocks.

So, are you ready for the risk?

More importantly, is the risk worth it? And by no means, you are going to get free checks every month as they seem to claim.

Is the Product a Scam?

The claims made by the company about Federal Rent Checks do not seem to be genuine but ultimately they are probably hype to sell you the subscription.

It is not that you got on to a waiting list and start receiving money. But what this company is actually doing is presenting an investment opportunity, as simple as that. The video makes a hard sales pitch by telling you that REITs are government plans. But in reality, they are not.

Also, Federal Rent Checks have nothing to do with Social Security, though the Money Map Press video seems to suggest they are, whether they mean to do that or not that is the message that comes across.

The actual intention of the video is to get you to sign up for the newsletter that costs between $39 and $79, depending on the subscription plan that you choose.


The way Money Map Press is presenting its Federal Rent Checks program is highly misleading in my opinion. It says that you can join the program by investing as little as $11. But you are not going to get a huge amount as a dividend on such investment are you?

To give them some credit what you are getting is a genuine method and information from the newsletter but as per usual unless you have real money to invest you are unlikely to reap the huge rewards.

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I hope you enjoyed this federal rent checks article.

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Stock Market vs Real Estate?

Should you invest in stock market or in real estate?

It’s a tough one and a question many people ask but there are literally so many people on both sides of the argument.

Personally I think real estate is better.

Let’s take a figure of $1 million USD invested in the stock market and in real estate.

If you invest it in a bunch of good stocks, the best ones out there you might stand to receive 3-4% a year in dividends. That means you are going to be getting $30,000 to $40,000 a year from your $1 million investment.

But what happens when the market crashes which it inevitably will? Well your money goes down, so let’s say now you have $700,000 now you are only getting 3-4% on that which is $21,000 to $28,000. Big difference right?

Okay so let’s say you don’t even take the money out and you compound it. Okay this is where compounding comes into play and yes this is a good thing but you’ll see that real estate is better.

Why real estate wins hands down…

$1 million invested into real estate can potentially buy $3-4 million by using buy to let mortgages.

The figures are actually quite astounding in comparison.

Let’s say I buy an apartment complex for $4 million and that means I had to invest 25% (my $1 million and finance 75%). These are normal figures.

So my $4 million apartment complex brings in 7% a year in rents which is $280,000 a year (WOW) but of course I need to pay my buy to let mortgage.

Buy to let mortgage rate might be 4% so I have to pay 4% on the $3 million that I borrowed.

4% of $3 million = $120,000

That means I am making $160,000 a year.

Of course I will have some expenses in that like maintenance, managing fees and more but the return on investment is huge.

But what if the market crashes?

Sure the value of the property might go down to $3.5 million or less but I am not selling it and even in a crash rents usually remain the same. In fact a lot of the time people who are home owners end up renting in recessions.

If a crash happens it doesn’t matter as I am not looking to sell.

Plus I will gain from capital appreciation over time and real estate goes up in value much quicker than the stock market historically.

I hope you liked this article as you can see real estate is a clear winner!

Overall ROI from real estate = 16% vs the stock market at 4%