Tim Duncan does boxing training with Jesse James Leija

Tim Duncan

These days it seems that almost every NBA player has a different offseason workout regimen and it appears that San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan have taken boxing.

Check out the below tweets that were sent out by two-time world boxing champion Jesse James Leija:


Tim Duncan image courtesy of Getty Images


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  • I think the boxing training is going to be a great advantage for the next season. While other teams falling on the floor, the Spurs will come on top.

  • lamonteecurb

    A Yo as a heat fan .its good to see dunkin happy and his friend’s I like seeing happy fans 4 NBA titles cant beat that hun? Nice ol Timmy ” tim muthafuckin ” dunkin took my heat to 7 good ol games ” ! Good shit “.But what I didnt know was that(Tim Dunkin ) was GAY ! I mean his wife any Dunkin done divorced him because he and his former collage mate was doing each other .thats nasty yunk ! Then he keeps paying her to keep the marriage from getting OUT ! Then he keeps mailing things ! WoW but u spurs fans this is your man’s an allstar fag” 4 time champion! I wonder if he’s fucking parker too didnt he lose EVEA also not sure correct me if im wrong .but ill rather B a heat fan that no 1 likes before a spurs fan upholding dunkin I guess K.G was rite back in 2002 when he and dunkin had words I remember that guess whats in the dark must come to light!!!!

  • lamonteecurb looks like your hiding some mixed feelings, it’s ok to come out of the closet now
    and stop trying to deflect away from yourself.

  • you are a frigging idiot lamontee,why don’t you get a life and pull labronze balls out of your mouth if anyone is gay it’s you.you need to crawl back into your shithole you came out of..

  • Long Ben

    Take care not to hurt them baby hands Timmy

  • manuel

    I guess this Heat fan has never seen Dwayne Wade Dress up with “questionable” fashion or the pics of him having his nails done. Wait all I had to say was “Chris Bosh” nuff said.

    Congrats on your FAIL! post Heat fan.

  • eleanor

    who you are to judge? maybe it’s you!it’s hard to
    be a nice person.

  • Mo Money Moore

    Lamonteecurb, you’re a DUMBASS! You wrote all that and said absolutely NOTHING! The HEAT must be proud to have you as a fan!

  • Lemonteecurb- is beyond a homo- a true example of dumbassness and bitchassness all in one. Stick to basketball facts before u make yourself look so stupid first mistake misspelling Duncan and beleiving rumors fabricated by a bitter wife who was caught cheating. Research before u comment and why comment on Spurs topic when your heat fan.

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