LeBron James shouts out Scottie Pippen on Twitter

LeBron James

Currently, NBA TV is showing game two of the 1996 NBA Finals between the Chicago Bulls and the Seattle Supersonics as part of their Hardwood Classics.

One of the notable individuals watching the replay of that classic game is Miami Heat star LeBron James who decided to shout out Bulls forward Scottie Pippen in a couple of tweets:



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  • Those tweets were geared towards D-Wade and Bosh. Pippen was the ultimate sidekick and worked hard to help Jordan to 6 rings. Lebron would dominate the finals every year with a similar player. D-Wade and especially Bosh needs to step their games up.

  • lamonteecurb

    Big up to the man king james hopefully u can tear a page from pippins D book .go team james

  • Jale1123

    Pippin’s dunk on ewing is 2nd to none!

    • Agreed. The spot he took off from. The in air contact. The push to the ground. The stare down as he straddled him in teabag position. Best dunk in the history of the game. You can do that nowadays. That’s an automatic T.

  • jimmy glasco

    Really! Andre. LaBron watches players that play the game similar to his and adds a little of their game to make his game better. Further more, he is a student and historian of the game. It’s tragic that people have soo much malis in their thoughts. Look in the miror Andre and ask yourself what is the one thing that you are good at or even like
    What would you do to get better? Think about it…

  • Andre, you must be crazy. Wade > Pippen.

  • Alexander Coretti

    Yup. No Scottie, no six titles for MJ. Bulls were a monster team, not just MJ.

  • this dude could be doing anything else he wanted to this summer but he’s working out and he’s watching classic NBA on TV but I’m sorry East and I’m sorry NBA get ready for the king get ready for the game he’s only going to get better

  • Lebron all the way…. Shut up all hater…… Grow up and MOVE oN

  • … Shut up all hater…… Grow up and MOVE oN

  • Caliman

    I think, this is a promotional venue from NBA….. “he’s watching classic NBA on TV”

    Let’s go Heat!

  • Steve ragan

    It is a shame LaFlop is not older. Maybe MJ would have allowed him to be his sidekick.



  • Jon, Bulls Fan

    Despite being a hardcore Bulls fan, LBJ has gained my respect through the years. I don’t care what the haters say, I’d love to see LeBron in the red, white and black!

  • EducatedRon

    Not sure why people say pippen doesnt get what he deserves. He is top 50 player, played on dream teams , first ballot hall of famer and top 15-20 player of all time. He was also better than jordan defensively and jordan also admittingly stated that pippen had a better left hand than him. Hes in my top 10 of all time. Ahead of kobe based on all around game. Better than oscar robertson and dr J because of his defense. The only player who could guard jordan straight up. Hes one of the best ever. I have spoken.

    • BullySixChicago

      I don’t know what you are smoking but I am a Pippen fan but to mention him in the same sentence with Oscar Robertson is like saying a nitwit can swim Lake Michigan buck naked and not get wet.
      Pippen guard MJ straight again what kind of medication are you? Even Pippen wont say that!

  • Allen H

    I wish people knew how to spell LeBron and Pippen. Had to say something…oh and screw LeBron and the Heat. The return of D-Rose is upon us. Beware…

  • Frost99

    Bulls will dethrone the heat lebron had his fun and time no three peat this year it all about the windy city assassin this year go BULLS. P.S We will win in Miami opening night

  • Darulasbac!

    Yeah! No Pippen No ring. But y’all forgot that while MJ was scrubbing it out on the minor league diamond, Pippen was the leader of the Chicago Bulls. During that time is when he dunked on Ewing in MSG in New York. They acquired Ron Harper, but no Championship until his airness returned for a full 82 game season winning 72-10 & won the Championship! That’s proof that without MJ Chicago couldn’t get it done! So let’s not try to downplay M’s contributions as if he was not the main reason!

  • lamonteecurb

    Yeah rite labron gone kill D rose soft ass .sometimes vengeance can get u fucked up rose had no bench nate gone marco gone Hamilton gone bulls going down in 6 rose knees gone give out and Greg Oden is going to poster NOHA wanna b tuff guy rose will have to play a lot of mins his knees cant aford too hollow ass knee caps LOL the pacers can beat the bulls now .Hilbert will donate Noha just cause ol Roy is Bigget and now looks solid

    • BullySixChicago

      Rose soft leave the drugs alone with that statement you prove that you don’t know do do about Rose. Oden is going to do what? You will lucky to see Oden walking letalone running up and down the court for more than 3 minutes. Furthermore it’s Noah not Noha

  • BullySixChicago

    So it took Bron this long to understand the ability of Scottie Pippen? I mean he says he is a student of the game and watching an old game gave him more insight on Pippen as a player lol come on Bron. At ten years old Bron probably was stuck to the tv watching the Bulls start on their second 3 peat, and Pippen was playing

  • buddy

    amen Charles lead the Bulls in every category that yr. PIP was that Dude!!!!!

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