LeBron James on 2014 NBA Finals comeback, ‘History is broken all the time’

LeBron James

With the Miami Heat down three game to one against the San Antonio Spurs in the 2014 NBA Finals, history does not appear to be on Miami’s side since no team in Finals history has comeback from that deficit.

During today’s media session, LeBron was asked about a possible Miami Heat comeback and below are just some of the words and examples he gave as noted by Miami Herald’s Joseph Goodman and Palm Beach Post’s Jason Lieser:

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  • steve

    lebron! i believe in you! fan since day one! bring back the cavs lebron. av 45 rest of series and bring back a threepeat! you can do this is trust in you and heatnation! spurs cant and wont kick our asses like this!

  • Allow God Almighty, To Be Eaxalted Thru Jesus Christ and Watch God. He, Love exalting the Underdog, One Accord, same goal, same mind. Humble yiurselves and allow Christ his preeminence. Pray First Miami Heat, Rotate your Players, What happen to Ogden.

  • dominique martinez

    I honestly do believe that if the boys play just as good as the past ones we WILL make a comeback. I’m confident in them and beleive that we will win game 5 .

  • Lebron can do it if he wants to be comepared to jordan he has to

    • Please, dude...

      Take out the first four words of that sentence… just because you speculate he wants to be compared to Jordan, doesn’t mean he CAN come back from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals.

  • I got faith that miami can come back one game at a time their still the champs

  • leonel

    The milagros existen.
    have a little faith guys…..

  • Joseph Agboro

    I’ve very strong believe that history is on the making in this year nba, Miami heat will make that history this year, every news media and every sport media has been saying the same thing all along but this year Miami heat will come back from 3 down to win the final.

  • Rudy Cires

    Lebron, the big 3, the rest of the team and heat organization. You are the best. WIN or LOSE you’re awesome. Go heat from a loyal fan…….

  • I think LeBron has a very good point it’s not over until it’s over but if they do mount a comeback he will need the help of washed up Dwayne Wade, and cotton candy Chris Bosh

  • Frederick

    Why can’t a team like heat do it because I believe and thing can happen just like lb being better than Jordan. It’s a fact God don’t just make one great one but many of them. If wade knees was better than he could be better than Jordan and trek you the truth he is with his D.

  • Joshua

    Umm Frederick your saying lj is better than jordan so idk what your on but he is not better than jordan he isnt better than kobe you cant compare him to any great player cause he isnt great as you say he is like your on his d anything can happen and thats san Antonio destroying the heat In game 5 at home lebron has an excuse for every loss cramps, mario chalmers, I wasnt playing, but ya hes great kobe played with a torn achilles and walked off the court lebron had cramps and had to be carried jordan and kobe played with the flu lbj left to go to the bathroom so um tell me how he is better than magic abdul jabar, chamberlain, Iverson, shaq, etc. You will not be able to give me one reason besides for shaq cause he couldnt shoot 3s and free throws but he would slam it down on anyone no matter who it was lebron cant dunk on duncan which is affecting his shot hes being defended by lenard he got blocked TWICE by ginobli hiw is that being better than jordan, kobe, magic, etc.

  • Shrekmonster

    Miami has had it too easy for to many years. Sleep walking through a weak eastern conference. Were they great or just lucky? The spurs beat them last year. Again, luck bailed them out. The truth is,they can’t handle real competition. They look more like the cavs than the heat. They now say they have dug themselves into a hole. The truth is,if they dug this hole ,the spurs gave them the shovel.

  • Eva Miller

    Im from chicago I live in huntsville Alabama I been following labron since I first heard about him on espn he is my favorite player of all Times! I felt that way about Jordan until labron came along I love watching the nba because of labron he makes the whole league look good and I really want him to three peat more than he do! Lol! Lets get it in heat nation we need the whole team to do this just for me! And if labron or any heat player see this I hope I can get tickets to next year’s games! Win or lose I love love love labron!

  • tracy

    We can do it!

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