Kris Humphries doesn’t think Blake Griffin dunked on him

Kris Humphries

Previously on That NBA Lottery Pick, we featured a video of Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin throwing down a nasty slam dunk on Boston Celtics forward Kris Humphries.

While some will debate on how great the dunk was, Kris and his Celtics teammates are still trying to decide if he actually got dunked on or not.

Check out this quote told to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe:


Humphries image courtesy of Getty Images


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  • Can’t stand Kris Humphries and this is coming from a die hard bleeding green Celtics fan of 25 years+ but I don’t consider many of Blakes wannabe dunks, which don’t get me wrong they are athletic as hell throw downs but not touching the rim I don’t consider it a dunk. If you look up what a dunk is in the dictionary it proves my thought on it’s not a literal dunk. That’s like saying someone who does a lay up above the rim is a dunk. It’s just not a dunk. PERIOD

  • ghost

    You dislike the best hustle player, and rebounder we have granted he is highly over paid he’s averaging close to a double double where is it you don’t like that?

  • Dakota

    He is averaging a double double, and it sounds bad either way to be dunking on or have a guy throw it down over ya

  • That like jumping over the hood of a car is not the same as jumping over the roof.of the car hes a flashy bum wit a disrespectful dream shake

  • runningson

    Forget ‘dunked on’. Call it posterized. By any name it’s still junk all up in Kris’s face.

  • Renato S.

    debate all you want, that’s missing the point.

    it was an embarassment and a poster regardless, call it a power lay up if you want but I hardly think that will look any better.

  • that’s worst than a dunk, that’s a tomahawk throw

  • Anon 1

    I think people will have to re-define dunking… Just like you can opt to use glass on a layup or not… If your above the rim and you throw the Ball Downward in a Dunking fashion- who cares if u touch the rim – spiking the ball into the basket should be considered a dunk… We all know that was not a layup… Or a fade-away or a jump shot right …. It’s a Dunk.. P.s you can’t be on a poster if its not degrading…. Humphris got owned.

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