Kobe Bryant on Michael Jordan, “He stole moves as well”

Kobe Bryant

Previously on TNLP, we posted a story where NBA legend Michael Jordan commented that Lakers star Kobe Bryant stole some of his moves when coming into the league.

Recently, Kobe was on LA’s Power 106 FM and when being interviewed by host Big Boy, Bryant states that he believes that Michael stole some of his famous moves from other NBA legends:

“I’m a student of the game, you know, so I know the history; I know where Michael’s moves came from,’ said Bryant about stealing moves. ‘I know they came from David Thompson. I know they came from Dr. J. I know they came from, in particular, Jerry West. So Michael didn’t invent the wheel. He stole a lot of moves from a lot of great players. I just so happened to steal some moves from him, and I just probably stole them better than anybody else has. You have to learn from the greats that came before you, that’s how it should be done.’

Below is the video of the quote:


Kobe Believes That MJ Stole Moves [Slam Online]

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  • lamonteecurb

    Damn .everybody has stolen moves kobe is rite but kobe did more than stole moves watch hiw kobe eats his gum ! Watch how kobe walks .after a game winning shot or kobe makes a play watches how kobe yells and shit .yes jordan did steal some moves too but jordan made the better and better he had add-on’s that where unbeliveable ” he reinvented the moves kobe stole them keep them the same ol same ol jordan made the moves that the old greats did and made the look good what we seen from kobe was the same ol jordan moves like come on kobe put extra moves with it ! Redo the fade jump shot so I understand both sides but this leans towards jordans statement gets the A

  • Ictalent

    Just stop Kobe.you know you’re a Michael wannabe. Just be yourself. There is no compare for the greatest ever to play the game. Lamonteecurbhit the nail on the head.

  • gringo

    Please KOBE now Jordan is past

  • Now all over you all be for real MJ did not make up basketball nor did Kobe almost every move was out there its just every body start too notice it because it was MJ the man WAS a great but there will be someone better to come along respect that and lets enjoy the great players of today

  • P.S. and for the record he has terrible attitude not a role model at all for the kids

  • moomiao

    Steal move or not. The end result is the most important part. Why cant other player just steal MJ move and dominate the game ?

  • Wandera

    Lebron has not only stolen moves from both Kobe an Jordan but when he was with Clevland He took MJ’s #. So who is the wannabe now? I think Lebron is a poser

  • Wanders, lets not forget that he not only took Jordan’s number in Cleveland, but after coming to Miami where Jordan’s number is retired, lebron decided to take bill russels number. He is a wannabe.

  • Jordan stole his moves from Dr.J, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, etc and Kobe stole his moves from Jordan, Magic, etc..

    Jordan made the moves look good, Kobe made the moves look better.

    Kobe is not the player Jordan was.. Kobe is more of a flashy showtime type player and Jordan was a do whatever it takes to win.

    Look at the Raptors game from last season.. do you think Jordan would have taken those 3s and shots Kobe did?
    No, Kobe is a different player from Jordan even though they have similar play styles.

    They are far from the same.. to be great you have to learn from other great players, every NBA player has done it but only a few has used what they learned not to imitate but to help their game and improve upon it.

  • Jordan is the”wannabee”, he wants to be in the conversation with the young players of today, he just can’t let them have their moment or time. And the fans and media are sickening, hanging on MJ’s every word, get off his jock already! Jordan should shut up and go study a scouting report!

  • Right will, because Jordan asked to be interviewed, and he also picked the questions they ask him during said interviews. I take it, magic, Kareem, jalen rose, miller, and anyone who no longer plays and is either interviewed or works in the media is a wannabe by your logic. The asinine things some of you kids come up with these days.

  • Smoove

    The only wannabee that MJ was is that he wanted to be the best player ever. You guys are making excuses like it’s MJ’s fought, they been trying to compare everybody to Jordan since his departure from the league and they still do it, but when you watch film kobe is the impostor can’t say King James sole a number really guys really. Smh at you all

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