Jeremy Lin responds on Twitter to Rockets Carmelo Anthony billboard

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Earlier today, we posted a story about the Houston Rockets putting a huge video board sign of Carmelo Anthony on the outside marquee of the Toyota Center.

What happened to be interesting about the billboard was that Carmelo was wearing a number seven Rockets jersey (same jersey number he wore with the Knicks) but that number seven already is being worn on the team by Rockets guard Jeremy Lin.

After the billboard/Melo signage went through-out Twitter, Lin posted the below tweets with a biblical proverb and explanation for the proverb:

UPDATE: According to Yahoo Sports Adrian Wojnarowski, Lin was informed by the Rockets about the images prior to them being posted:

In a subsequent tweet from Wojnarowski, Lin’s agents have said that Jeremy wasn’t informed about the images:

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  • tyler Ennis

    I can fully understand why he feels that way

  • heard about this verse in (Catholic) church too. It means to not limit your help. If someone is hungry give him water too.

  • Play your j.l

  • A gentleman.
    A true sportsman.
    He could have been a child about this, but he’s handling himself like a man.
    Much respect.

  • It might seem disrespectful,but it was only marketing, I didn’t know Lin had such an attachment to the jersey; Lin could’ve just said ” If it takes giving the short off my back to get Melo, then I am in favor of it . Go Rockets”…Ii am still a Lin fan, but Thinking should come before Tweeting

    • Sarah

      It’s not just marketing because the Rockets also put up a billboard of Howard when they were trying to get him. If you look up that image, you won’t be able to find a number on Howard’s photoshopped Rockets jersey because they hid it with the basketball. It’s a subtle move by the Rockets management, but definitely a slap in the face in my opinion.

  • William

    Lin u should be a Laker come to LA we would n Kobe would love u

  • Roddrick

    Im sure Kobe would love to have Lin since he couldn’t hold him

  • pensarmy

    He smart enough to know that if they get Melo he will be traded anyways..Melo can have the number..Lin will wear #7 with his new team…

  • it is clear that this is clearly a Photoshop limitation Can’t turn a 7 in a you get the point I hope

  • stevan Williams

    Lin should feel that way.without him Houston wouldn’t have done as well as they did.i know it’s a business but to pull a jason Kidd is just good thing is that now every player sees how Houston does their star’s just a matter of time before they betray the next one.look at Parsons,lin & hardy all were key players in taking them to a better level.whose next?Howard,maybe even melo if he signed & LeBron came back on market.BEWARE ALL FREE AGENTS,REVOLVING DOOR REGARDLESS OF WHAT U HAVE DONE FOR TEAM.

    • Joey Grasso

      What has Lin really done for Houston? He’s been a role player mostly. I agree he should feel a little disrespected but when you say other free agents should see how Houston treats their “stars” you’re misinformed. He never lived up to his reputation from New York. He’s been a back up mostly. Very much not a star.

  • Geronimo Gonzalez

    I am a huge Rockets fan and I understand its a business but I think the Rockets went about it the wrong way. Who is to say Melo will sign with Houston. If he doesn’t, its going to be a very uncomfortable locker room. Lin won’t feel the same towards the organization. Every star there will know they are expendable no matter what they did for the team. Go Rockets!!!!!!! Use a more moral approach in the future please

  • JLIN513

    Here’s what my cousin really meant to say: “If someone slaps you in the face, rip their head off!
    If someone takes your coat, pull up their undies n give them a tight wedgie like we used to do in the playground” LIN 5:13

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