James Harden ignores Jeremy Lin play call during Lakers/Rockets game

James Harden

After the Houston Rockets were shocked by the Los Angeles Lakers last night, Houston guard James Harden came up the microscope after he appeared to ignore a play call from teammate Jeremy Lin.

In the below video, Harden is seen walking past Lin as he tries to call the play issued by Rockets head coach Kevin McHale:

It’s possible that Harden completely missed the play call but it is clear that Lin isn’t pleased with him at the point of :11 second mark.

In the same game, Harden wasn’t pleased with a shot that Jeremy took and according to HoopsWorld Yannis Koutropolis, James ripped into Lin:


Harden image courtesy of Getty Images


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  • Andrew Kastner

    Harden needs an ego-check right this instant if this team wants to go anywhere. Do not rip into your teams most efficient player with all the bricks you’ve been pulling up this season.

  • Charles P Leary

    Im a strong advocate of Jeremy Lin

  • Jimmy

    Harden was 9/24 and Lin was 5/7 for 16 points. HARDEN IS A EGOTISTICAL hypocrite.

  • i don’t like what harden did

  • beenthere

    Harden is like Camelo Anthony 2.0, or is it the other way around?

    An overrated offensive player who needs to put up bunch shots to be efficient, and doesn’t know Shi*t about how to make the team better.

  • marion

    too bad for james harden, the world is seeing how big his EGO is. advice to rox team, UTILIZE LIN!

  • tecnicom

    Harden may have scored over 30 points but he lost the game for the Rockets by his incessant dribbling away the time and then taking a last minute shot that went nowhere. What should he have done? Simple drive in for a layup or, most likely, a foul like he has done so many times this season. He needs a ego-check, right now.

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