DeAndre Jordan gets custom made bicycle

Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan

NBA players are very big people. Sometimes they find that living in a world that is not made for 7 foot 250 pound people has its disadvantages even if money is not one of them.

Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan is one of the biggest players in the NBA. Where you or I would have no problem buying a bicycle, Jordan does so he had a custom one made at Bike Effect in Santa Monica, California:


Jordan image courtesy of Getty Images


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Nathan Fink graduated from Portland State University in 2013. During the NBA offseason in the summer he spends his time fighting wildfires. As a life long Northwest resident, he has lived through and endured endless Trail Blazer screw ups. Despite all the let downs he still remains a hopelessly optimistic fan. On the rare occasion he isn't watching the NBA, he enjoys film noir classics and the food network.


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