Chris Paul on Allen Iverson, “He had bigger influence on basketball than Michael Jordan”

Chris Paul

In terms of legendary NBA players, there are few like Michael Jordan but that doesn’t mean there were other notable NBA players that helped change the game.

During a recent interview at the Clippers practice facility, Chris Paul stated that he believed that former 76ers guard Allen Iverson had a bigger impact on the game than Michael Jordan.

Below are CP3′s full thoughts on the matter:

While many people personally believe that Jordan was the major reason why the NBA got to the level in the 1990′s, we cannot forget that Iverson run in the 2000′s inspired many of the players today.


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  • Rob Berns

    Was this preceded by the question
    “Can you say something really stupid?”

    • how tall r u n did u ever play bb

    • Earnest

      MJ is the GOAT he combined mutant like athletic ability with an unmatched competative edge. AI had the same qualities but lacked the size and strength to equal MJ. It is like comparing a Corvette ZR-1 and a Corvette LS3. The LS3 is great but just don’t have the same power as the ZR-1. MJ holds grudges when he feels dissed. CP3 may not be with Jordan brand much longer.

  • Brian

    I think Iverson is a great player, but to say a bigger influence than MJ23 that’s a joke….

  • eddie

    He inspired all the idiots league and countrywide who now believe its ok to shoot 38-42% and shoot 30 times a game and still think of yourself as an elite player because you average a point per shot…

    • i can teel u r a young no bb talent by your comments until u play real bb u are a idiot. im old enough to b your elder w/bb knowledge back 2 mid 60

    • chrisswish

      You know nothing about basketball. Yea he had a 42% fg percentage but he averaged 9 free throw atempts per game for his CAREER. This guy was th smallst guy who played with the most heart.
      People forget when he had that famous ‘we talkin about practice speech’ it wasnt about him bein a bad teamate it was the fact that everyone knew he gave 100% on the court.
      Add in over 6 assists and over 2 steals per game for his career n th man was elite if you argue you havent watched him play

      • zay leslie

        whoever said chis paul stupid dont know basketball and haven’t been playing or watching it enough.. that man made kobe get his game up lol…


    Cp3 is a stupid ass like u really think that he needs to be drug tested I wonna be like Mike an all the millions around the world did to AI is a drunk etc do the history an see why the nba didn’t let him come back…….


    An mj is 50 an can still play an dunk let’s see cp3 at 50

  • James Maddox

    Allen iverson was a warrior! No he wasnt better than mj but for his size he was remarkable. Tough tough player

  • Joseph

    Chris Paul go home your drunk.

  • BrandNuSwagga

    Seems to me that nobody actually listen to a word he said. He never mention points he never mentioned rebounds. He basically was talking about the style of today’s players. A.I ushered in a new Era of style to the NBA. His influence can still be seen today…

  • seven

    MJ was the reason youuuuuuu have a shoe contract idiot. He started the lucrative shoe contract. The baggy short. And combo guard. And flying. What did Iverson introduced? Corn roll and arm sleeve. Dum fuk

    • zay leslie

      mj wasn’t the reason why ppl wore baggy shorts it was the fab five.. chris webber and jalen rose michigan team… #facts

  • Terrence Odom

    I think he feels that wat because he grew up in the same era as I did…..the iverson, kobe, shaq, tmac era… me, A.I. was and still is my favorite player but MJ made the NBA what it is today…im not mad at CP3 though…its just his opinion

  • zay leslie

    by all means mj is the greatest but what chris paul is saying right.. allen iverson single handledly changed the culture of basketball.. from the dresscode to the way guards play… the league became a guards games because he made the little guy feared… everyone wants to be mj but the truth is not everyone is blessed wit his athleticism but u can have the heart and will that iverson did and that is what influenced everyone.. iverson is responsible for the cp3′s, westbrook’s, drose, kyrie irving’s, damian lillard, and the list goes on… and he had ppl wearing reeboks like come on who else did that ppls were wearing his first pair for years…

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