Chris Andersen visits Taipei, gets yelled at by old asian lady

Chris Andersen

Here on That NBA Lottery Pick, we’ve come across some classic stories and well, this one featuring Miami Heat center Chris Andersen is freakin’ amazing.

Currently, Birdman is overseas in Taipei and apparently, he got yelled at by an old asian lady.

Below is the image of the exchange courtesy of Reddit NBA:

Chris Anderson

While it is unsure why she decided to direct her ire at Chris, it might have to do with Birdman’s tattoos in regards to their connection in Asian culture with lowlifes and gangsters.


Chris Andersen top image courtesy of Getty Images


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  • hong deiparine

    Please visit the Philippines Birdman. Cheers will welcome you here.

  • lamonteecurb

    Birdman should of socked her old ass and told her :im rich bitch ny is bird !

  • Ya-chien Lin

    Hey, do some research, ok? She is his fiancee’s mother and she likes her future son-in-law very much. I am a sincere fan of Heat in Taipei.

  • Ya-chien Lin

    Hey, do some research! She is his fiancee’s mother.

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