Brandon Jennings says that Kobe Bryant is greatest player of all-time

Brandon Jennings

Over the last couple years, many NBA fans have debated whether or not that Kobe Bryant might be a greatest player of all-time instead of Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

Yesterday, Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Jennings took to his Twitter account to note that he believed that Kobe was the greatest player of all-time after noting that Jordan had more help on his 90’s Bulls squads:

Today, Brandon posted the below tweet where he states that Kobe is the GOAT:

Mr Jennings has spoken…


Brandon Jennings says Kobe is GOAT [BSO]

Jennings image courtesy of Getty Images


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  • jason

    A professional basketball player 2 make that comment is ridiculous!! Good ball player but has NO knowledge of the game!! Kobe over Mike cant believe that would ever come out!! I do recall that they had 2 steal an all-star in Gasol to get his other2 rings!!

  • Skeet skeet

    But once again wat team hasn’t won wit allstars.. Spurs has 3 heat had 3 pistons has 4 celtics had 3 laker had kobe and another. Dallas is exception since jordan retired…. people don’t give him credit.. they say mvps but that overrated. . Hell shaq only has one and while in la he should have 3.. kobe should have 3.. LeBron has 4 in last 6 years

  • Kobe is the GOAT! Kobe won without Shaq. He won with a over rated Pau that has a 0-16 playoff record without Kobe. MJ had Pippen and Rodman! The 90’s was expansion era basketball with no great teams for Jordan to go through. Kobe had to face gauntlets in the West playoffs every season. Kobe had to play against more athletic players and zone defense. Just compare the shooting guards Kobe competed with to MJ’s. Kobe can do anything Jordan could do. Kobe has more moves and more range. Go ahead and hate. Youre obviously blinded by the Jordan brand hype and mythology. Kobe > Jordan

  • Coleecole

    MJ was more gifted than Kobe with larger hands and a stronger body, but Kobe is more athletic and has an almost supernatural level of focus.People seem to forget an 18yr old Kobe dropping 33 on a prime Scottie Pip and MJ. KD also said something very similar to what Jennings said.

  • Coleecole

    Kobe Bryant is the only player clever enough to download, dissect, and perfect a package of UNSTOPPABLE moves made famous by MJ, adding those moves with countermoves to his own game, along with otherworldly focus and athleticism IMO has made Kobe the greatest player this game has ever seen.

  • David Williams

    You Kobe guess must not have seen the videos of kobe side by side with mj. Every move at every spot with every scenario mj did kobe emulated. How can you be better than the person you copying. Impossible

  • Kobe is by far the greatest nba player of time. People know its true and it pisses them off lol.

  • Can’t believe the BLASPHEMY. MJ is the greatest. Kobe piggy backed the most dominant player at the time in Shaq.MJ came second to none. Kobe has 2 finals mvps. MJ was 6 for 6. BLASPHEMY!!

  • RickRude85

    So im guessing Kobe didnt need Robert Horry, Derek Fisher, Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Ron Arrest, Trevor Aria, Shannon Brown…. and not to mention some of the players on Jordan’s old Bulls team to help him win? Lets look at achievements… Kobe will never win 10 scoring titles, Defensive Player of the Year, 6 for 6 in the NBA finals to go along with 6 Finals MVPs… Im going to stop right there. Kobe wasn’t even good enough to get ROY. You said Kobe dropped 33 on Jordan’s Bulls when Jordan was like 33-34 years old. Well even Dajuan Wagner dropped 30+ on A.I… So you’re proof of Kobe ever being better than Jordan is irrelevant. Im also 28… difference is you’ve been watching since 95 I’ve been watching since 92. Age has nothing to do with the price of tea in China off that statement. That goes for Brandon Jennings too. And Jordan isnt even my favorite player. Smh

  • RickRude85

    Difference between all the basketball greats is that everyone had their own lane and style of play and took bits and pieces of what they’ve seen form other players to develdeveloped thier own. Kobe took EVERYTHING from Mj and only looks like a close replica of what Jordan looked like. Kobe is going into his 18th season and is just passing Jordan on the scoring list… Jordan played college ball, took 2years off came back and took another 5years off to get to where he’s at on the scoring list. Kobe has played 18 straight years from high to just now pass Jordan. People trip me out with these type of Kobe and LeBron fantasies. Kobe and LeBron will be top 5-10 players of all time but Jordan created a crazy legacy that looks like it will never be done again.

  • Coleecole

    I could care less that Jordan took took two years off, what if’s don’t jibe, I mean what if Grant Hill didn’t have porcelain ankles. Kobe always had to guard the other teams best while Jordan had his Pip to take care of that. Kobe has five titles two of which were won with an ENTIRELY different during another Three peat run in the finals. Out of the WESTERN CONFERENCE.

  • Coleecole

    If you wanted to build an awesome computer would you not follow the BLUEPRINT already laid down and then add to it? That would be foolish, Kobe is no fool,which is why he is now being mentioned as possibly the greatest ever.

  • RickRude85

    Lmao… you dont to care that he took time and still Kobe statistically. Numbers and fact dont lie lil homie. Lol… and you saying he’ll be mentioned is like an actor being nominated for an award. It dont mean shit if you dont win. Lol

    • Coleecole

      The reason for not me caring about his layoff is because he could’ve lost in the finals or the first round of the playoffs for all we know, which would have somewhat reduced his invincible status. Also Kobe being mentioned means there is still debate or else you wouldn’t need to discuss what is already fact.

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