Andrew Bynum goes to Cleveland casino on back-to-back nights

Andrew Bynum

For those of you who do not know, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert owns a casino in the Cleveland-metro area called the “Horseshoe Casino”.

Over the last two nights, the Cavaliers new center Andrew Bynum was seen at the establishment and even decided to play some blackjack last night:

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Andrew Bynum was at Dan Gilbert’s Casino [Busted Coverage]


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  • Is anything wrong with him going to the casino? Why are you writing and following this guy around? who cares.

  • The only thing this article suggests is that bynum seems to have a reporter stalking him. Other than that this article is trash unless of course you’re just reporting this for people who might be in the area and would like an autograph from AB

  • GregB

    Well now if I were a casino employee, or worker for an associated business, I’d be pleased a sister company employee is patronizing my business. Otherwise, it’s nobody’s business.

  • James

    better than going bowling, at least he wont injury his knees again

  • Matt in LA

    Who cares. This is right across from the arena and baseball stadium. I went after a tribe and phillies game. Cole Hamels and Kendrick and a few other Phillies were gambling right after the game. Big deal. There’s nothing else to do downtown at night.

  • AT least it’s not Burger King. And you know, this is a good sign that Bynum is at least putting his money back into the community.

  • It’s GOTTA be safer than bowling

  • Shortest, most pointless article I’ve ever read. What’s the story here? Are you trying to make him out to be a gambling addict or are you just acting like TMZ and following around celebrities? Either way, really non-professional.

  • joker

    Oh I get it! He’s gambling in Cleveland the same way the Cavs rolled the dice when they signed him to a contract like Philly XD. But the combo of Bynum&Varejao will be sick if they can stay healthy

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